Who We Are

Fortis Life Sciences is a strategic platform providing capital, expertise, and operational resources enabling the growth and success of founder-led life sciences tools companies. Fortis Life Sciences was founded in 2020, with the vision of creating a unique life sciences company focused on offering world class products coupled with the best customer experience in the life science tools industry.

Our Promise: Great Products and Customer Experience

Somewhere between the rapid advancement of science and the digital boom, we lost something important. We lost the simplicity of connecting. We lost the ease of picking up a phone and finding a person on the other end.

We know scientific impact is not in the lab alone—it permeates our society and affects you and your health. At Fortis people drive us—not just great products.

It is our promise to ensure that every click, every purchase, and every interaction with Fortis brings you one step closer to discovery instead of one minute away from that potential.

Fortis brings back the simplicity of connecting, how you want to connect—with or without technology.

Welcome to a frictionless experience where you come first.

Our Approach: Focus on Your Success

  • Reliable quality products and solutions
  • On-time delivery
  • Responsive and friendly customer service
  • Knowledgeable tech support
  • Innovative products and solutions

Our Mission:

Pursuing a Healthier World
by Creating Tomorrow’s Science Today